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Inside My Translation Toolbox

In the translation industry, translation software is an important element of the translation process in order to deliver flawlessly-crafted content. I’ve always felt that the combination of human mind and artificial intelligence is what really makes magic.

I would like to share with you the tools that I use when I translate, so you can get a better idea of the benefits of using them.

CAT Tools

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools secure a speedy, accurate and fluent translation. With them, translators can store and edit content, translate texts section by section (while preserving the formatting), and add a layer of quality control (spelling, grammar, consistency, etc.). They also assist in terminology management: we can create, access and use terms and translation memories as we work on projects. CAT tools are not the same as machine translation. While CAT tools help translators streamline their translation processes (without doing any of the translations for them), machine translation uses artificial intelligence to directly translate texts.

Not every translator uses them, but I prefer to use them when possible. I’ve been using CAT tools on a daily basis to assist with translations since 2014.

But what are the benefits of CAT tools for you, the client?

Well, in addition to speeding up the process, CAT tools offer consistency and efficiency in a translation. Thanks to this advanced technology, vast amounts of terminology are on hand to translators whenever they need so mistakes can be avoided. Employing CAT tools in a translation ensures consistency throughout the text and the maximum possibility of it being delivered on time – or even before the deadline.

CAT tools promote:
• Accuracy
• Speed
• Consistency

CAT Tools I Use

I am a proud user of:

• SDL Trados Studio 2017
• WordFast Pro (5)
• MateCat
• MemoQ
• MemSource
• Translation Workspace

… and many other online and offline CAT tools.

Audiovisual Translation

The demand for audiovisual (AV) content is growing all the time.

As a professional Azeri audiovisual translator, I can translate the verbal components contained in films, television programs, musicals, web pages, video games, or theatrical plays, so that they can be interpreted easily by the audience.

With the aid of audiovisual translation tools such as Subtitle Edit and, your translation will be far more precise and delivered swiftly. That is why I adore such tools.

I am a fan of this innovative software. These tools can enhance accuracy and aid the overall translation process so that I can provide the best possible service to my clients. The combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence makes for a fine piece of content.

Work With Me

If you would like to work with a translator who takes great pride in her work, do get in touch.
Translation, to me, is much like art. And just like a painter approaches his canvas with ease and imagination, so is how I approach your translation.

I strive for perfection, with every project.

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