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Translating is a form of art, expressing meaning with due style. My paintbrush is my keyboard. My canvas is my screen. My talents are honed by all the places I have been.

Embracing the art of translation

Let me tell your story

Native Azerbaijani translator and interpreter.

English-Azerbaijani & Russian-Azerbaijani

Helping companies throughout the US, UK and Europe overcome language barriers, since 2003.

With first-hand experience in my specialized fields,

I am your maestro in:
Marketing. Law. IT. Education. Technical.

    Elevate your eminence with Azerbaijani translation and interpreting services

    Do you need a partner you can call whenever you need help with an Azerbaijani interpreting or translation project?

    Someone who won’t let you down, will always meet your deadline, and can be trusted to deliver a top-level linguistic service every time.

    That partner is me.

    I approach a translation project like a painter approaches their canvas – with careful thought, contemplation, and creativity.
    All for the sake of making you look great!

    I strive for perfection in every project

    Azerbaijani Translation


    • Web content or website localization
    • Social media content
    • Brochures, leaflets, fliers
    • Blog posts
    • Newsletters
    • Product data sheets
    • Presentations
    • Articles
    • Press releases
    • Case studies
    • Mission statements
    • Product guides or catalogs
    • Marketing plans
    • Social media documentation
    • Marketing content


    • Contracts
    • Agreements
    • Regulatory documents
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Administrative documentation
    • Legal codes
    • Decrees
    • Tax forms
    • Policies
    • International trade documents
    • Employee handbooks
    • Code of Conduct
    • Legal statements
    • Legal disclaimers
    • Business correspondence
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements


    • Website and media content
    • Software
    • Mobile application software
    • UI strings
    • User manuals
    • Data sheets
    • Guides and handbooks
    • Product specifications
    • Hardware content
    • Operating instructions
    • System documentation
    • Product documentation
    • Process documentation
    • Installation guides
    • Quality assurance documents
    • Reports and metrics


    • eLearning
    • Employee training programs
    • Educational transcripts
    • Instructor-led training
    • Training materials
    • HR resources and software
    • Technology-based learning
    • On-the-job training
    • Coaching & mentoring
    • Recruitment software
    • Onboarding
    • Orientation training
    • Employee surveys
    • Soft skills training
    • Mandatory training
    • Performance improvement
    • Case studies
    • Group activities


    • User guides
    • Maintenance manuals
    • Installation guides
    • Handbooks
    • Service manuals
    • API documentation
    • Training manuals
    • Safety documentation
    • Instructions for Use (IFUs)
    • Technical brochures
    • Electrical appliances
    • Mechanical Engineering content
    • Specifications
    • System requirement documents

    Azerbaijani Interpreting

    Anytime you require Azerbaijani interpretation services, let me help you. I am your go-to Azerbaijani consecutive interpreter. I can be right by your side for:

        • One-to-one meetings
        • Small team meetings
        • Guidance meetings
        • Trainings
        • Over the phone interpreting
        • Remote interpreting

    Let me paint a picture for you

    I’m Sabina, here to help you with your next Azeri translation or interpreting project.

    As a native Azerbaijani translator with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, and nearly two decades of translation experience, I will always deliver the most precise translation blended with the most appropriate style.
    But education doesn’t come solely through textbook learning. It comes through exploring the world around you. Living and working in Prague for over 6 years and Istanbul for 1 year truly sharpened my talents as a translator and interpreter.

    I also have first-hand experience in every one of my specialized sectors, which allows me to approach every assignment with genuine knowledge and authority.

    I would love to start working with you!

    Let’s make a masterpiece together!

    Clients I’ve collaborated with

    Google. Airbnb. Wish. Scania. Samsung. Facebook. Microsoft. BP.

    And many more!

    The proof is in the words

    I’m sure we’ll work in harmony

    For the most impeccable Azeri translation and interpreting services, delivered by a native speaker, let me step in and assist.

    I am your trusted partner for professional Azerbaijani translations.

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